Sept. 1999

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President's Message

Dr. Ernst Tomic

For nearly three years now our club has had an Internet webpage. I designed and maintained this page in my personal America Online account. Although it was useful to disseminate pertinent information and provided for downloading the entry form for the WIEP, it was difficult to find with commonly used Internet searching techniques because America Online has no interest in promoting webpages in its domain. It was time to move on!

Enter Sandro Cuccia, a fellow club member who graciously volunteered to vastly improve our club’s presence on the Internet. Sandro has all the qualifications for the task: he is a University of Delaware certified webmaster and a member of Internet professional societies and the webmaster for DuPont Pharmaceuticals. He is now also the appointed Webmaster of The Delaware Photographic Society and chairman of the ad hoc committee for Internet and digital imaging matters of our club. In this capacity he will administer our club's own Internet domain, assure its functionality and relevance at all times, promote our site's presence on the Internet by techniques known to him, and guide us in Internet matters and on digital imaging.

For instance, if you wish to post one of your images or articles on our club's web site, you would only need to provide Sandro with an electronic file of the item; he would then post it for you. Sandro will continue to perform a very valuable service for our club. He has already extended a considerable effort and has spent many hours in the service of our club. His efforts have the objectives to attract new members, provide up-to-date information to current members, distribute information about the WIEP, and make downloadable entry forms available word-wide without incurring mailing expenses.

Sandro has contracted with a reliable, cost effective ISP (Internet Service Provider). Costs associated with the new webpage are about $15 per month. These expenses were authorized by our Executive Committee. We consider our new arrangement a worthwhile investment, if it helps to recruit new members, to defray postage, and adds prestige.

We have the obligation to publicize the club's URL by printing on all documents, fliers, newsletters, business cards, etc. that bear The Delaware Photographic Society name or moniker. We should be proud to tell the world about the DCC website. Sandro agreed to answer questions in regard to our new website, the size and type of electronic files for posting of your pictures and/or announcements. You may write to him at

Ernst A. Tomic