Sept. 2002

President's Message

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President's Message

Bob Coffey

This promises to be another exciting year, as we start out with a seasoned group of officers and chairmen in most positions. It is most gratifying that many of our ìmanagement teamî willingly agreed to accept a second term of office. They are a great group of people who give generously of their time and efforts whenever called upon, and I greatly appreciate their contributions, both past and future.

Last year we reached a recent high in membership with over 200 members. We attribute that to a number of factors, but especially to our very popular Instruction Night programs that address the membersí desire to learn how to become better photographers. Karl Leck, Education Director, has assembled another excellent schedule for this year. On September 23, the program is How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership and New Member Orientation. Chairmen of each section will present an overview of their event and answer questions. Chairman Ray Magnani will explain the Mentor program that is designed to assure that each new member knows who to turn to for guidance in getting started. As part of mentoring, our Q&A column author, Erik Kissa, (aka Dr. Know) will be the "go to" person for technical questions.

While we remain loyal to traditional film based photography, we are embracing the evolution of new technology that adds more tools...and our photographic bag of tricks...or wish lists. The September Speaker Night presentation on September 30 will be "What's New in Digital Photography". Rich Carter of CompUSA will demonstrate an array of their high tech goodies (laptop computer, digital display projector, scanner, and digicams). Rich is a photographer with many years of experience and teaches Adobe Photoshop when he is not selling these items at CompUSA. This promises to be a stimulating experience following our annual kick-off potluck supper.

Finally, Intercambio: An Exchange of Photographs and Friendship exhibition from Foto Club Buenos Aires is another first for our club as a result of Heather Sipleís enthusiastic leadership. Forty-eight prints will be on display at the Wilmington Library in October, complete with a catered reception, catalogs, and live music. This is the first such exchange, and we hope to host similar exhibitions in the future.

- Bob Coffey