Sept. 2000

President's Message

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President's Message

Karl Leck

Welcome to another year of change at the Delaware Camera Club. Last year we were forced by the University to move the Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (WIEP) venue. This year the location of our regular Monday meetings had to be changed from the Academy of Medicine to A.I. DuPont Middle School. The new meeting venue brings a set of challenges. We grew accustomed to our rooms and way of conducting slide and print competitions. The Middle School gives us a big room and we have to rethink all the details of holding a competition. Jeff Smith is heading a committee to review the room set up this month. We have a lot of inventive people in the Club. In order to solve the problems, letís work together with a minimum of stubbornness and conflict. Things will never again be the SAME as we had at the Academy of Medicine. Letís try to make the meetings BETTER.

At the monthly competitions this year, we will have two judges instead of three. One judge may be from within the Club. This simplification combined with the fact that judges from outside the Club will receive a $20 honorarium should make it easier to schedule judges.

We have an exciting schedule of photo instruction meetings again this year at the Concord Pike Library meeting room. There are new topics and new expert presenters. We will continue to try to make each session interesting to people new to photography as well as have morsels for the veterans. The Course is free to DCC members. Bring a friend. Check The Reflector or our website for the schedule.

The DCC website is one of the best in the world from what Iíve seen in cruising the Internet. Itís informative and easy to navigate. You can find information about the Club and WIEP there. One area that is a little weak, however, is the Memberís Gallery. I often hear ideas from members about showing their prints or slide shows at local venues. Thatís great, but how about showing them to the whole world! I admit to dragging my feet, too. Join me in submitting 1 to 5 good images to Sandro Cuccia for the Gallery. Check the website at for requirements. Call me at 610-388-0298 if you would like to show photos on the website but need prints or slides scanned to do it.

Iíll be on my quadrennial Olympic odyssey during September. Bob Coffey will lead the meetings while Iím burning film down under. Please give him your support and help. Save the complaints for me in October.