Oct. 2002

President's Message

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President's Message

Bob Coffey

The first Instruction Night was well attended and there were many new faces. Three people became new members following the program. When Print Director, Tom Oathout, asked for a show of hands by those who had never entered any of the DPS competitions, about half of the audience did so. This meant that the topic, How to Get the Most Out of Your Club Membership and New Member Orientation, had a well targeted audience. The presenters all displayed enthusiasm for their respective programs and activities, which prompted considerable interest and many questions about them: instruction night topics, the mentor program, tech support, slide and print preparation, speaker programs, field trips, WIEP, photo essays, equipment trust, PSA, NECCC and DVCCC activities. One long-time member expressed surprise that the DPS offers so much that it took two full hours just to review and discuss everything.

To all of the new faces in the crowd, we extend a warm welcome and we look forward to getting to know you at future meetings and activities.

Membership directories will be made available on request. We respect your right to privacy and do not share the information. This policy is extended to your e-mail addresses as well. Those are provided to other club members only on a need-to-know basis.

We were extremely pleased to learn that the Photographic Society of America has awarded Second Place to The Reflector in the annual International Bulletin Contest. Also, they presented a Creative Award for the best use of grayscale. For these honors we are indebted to all those who have contributed so generously to the content every month. We also appreciate the competent technical assistance and excellent service provided by Academy Printing in Wilmington. It was their guidance that enabled the high quality reproduction of photographic images and graphics inserted in the text. Thanks to everyone and congratulations for a job well done.

- Bob Coffey