Oct. 2000

President's Message

Portrait of Bill Lindsey


President's Message

Karl Leck

Hi Everyone, I'm beginning my relaxing tour of the South Island of New Zealand in a pretty wet season. The snow capped mountains are hidden a large part of the time. The rain has produced a couple of rainbows to chase. I'm staying entirely in Bed & Breakfasts which are wonderful. Very comfortable, great food, and great conversation. You easily forget the rain, and power failure last night with such great company. Dinner by candlelight is fine with local wine. So far I've visited a winery, learned about the extensive and repetitive gold mining efforts, seen microclimates from tundra to temperate rainforest, and all the farm animals like sheep, sheep, sheep, cattle, deer, elk, and goats. There are few wild animals here. They have all been brought onto fenced farms or 'stations.'

The photography potential here is unlimited. I'm not sure what sort of images I'll bring home. Depends on time and weather.

I enthusiastically recommend staying in B&B here. They are plentiful, comfortable, and reasonably priced. The first two I've stayed at had a photographer as owner. Through them I met another photographer who I will visit today. The B&B folks help with plans, communication (I'm using George and Betty's computer now), and anything you need. The DCC should do a B&B trip to New Zealand.

I'm feeling relaxed and happy. But in a couple days I'll go on to Sydney with all the celebration, hustle and long hours of work.