Nov. 2001

President's Message

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President's Message

Bob Coffey

I hope that everyone has received (and read) the official announcement of the upcoming vote to change the name of the Club to The Delaware Photographic Society, Founded in 1931 as Delaware Camera Club. Be sure to mark Slide Night, Monday, November 12, on your calendars for the vote.

As previously explained in this column, and in the announcement, this will be a very important step forward for the future development of our Club. I am pleased to report that it has already been approved by an overwhelming majority of the Executive Committee. Unfortunately, the constitution has no provision for proxies or absentee ballots. Please attend and take part in this important event.

On another subject of benefit to the Club, American Frame Company has added us to their Alliance Program, whereby 5% of all sales to DCC members will be rebated to the Club on a quarterly basis. This is activated whenever you place your order on their 800 telephone line and identify yourself as a member of the Delaware Camera Club. Catalogs are available at Club meetings. They offer a wide variety of metal and wood frames, mats cut to your specifications, and many other framing supplies. As an endorsement, I have dealt with them for many years and have always found their quality high, prices low, and service excellent.

Do you have any experience in website design and management? We need someone to serve as a backup to DCC webmaster, Sandro Cuccia. Our award winning website that he created over two years ago has been a huge asset in attracting new members and disseminating information and entry forms for the WIEP. But it is a lot of work for just one person. If you are interested in assisting him and learning more about website management, please contact Sandro at or at (610) 274-2470.

Our biggest annual event, the 69th Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography will be here before you know it. It requires lots of effort by many members to maintain the prestigious status that it enjoys throughout the world. WIEP Chairman, John Hamilton, needs your help to make it a success. Specifically, he must fill a key position, that of Print Chairman. Like many endeavors, what you get out of your club depends on what you put into it. Working together with fellow members helps you get better acquainted, makes the job easier for everyone and ends up being a lot of fun. So please pitch in and help out when you are asked.

- Bob Coffey