May 2001

President's Message

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President's Message

Karl Leck

Where will we meet next year?
That was the question on April 17 at the Executive Committee meeting. I must compliment everyone who attended for a good fact based discussion comparing the A.I. Dupont Middle School where we now meet, the Calvary Assembly of God Church on Shipley Road, and a yet undiscovered venue. Each possibility had a lot of good points and some perceived difficulties. We decided to keep looking, but only for a short time. A search committee headed by Bob Coffey will report back by e-mail by May 15. They will survey the area for a room available on Monday nights that suits slide and print presentations while meeting our budget. No one likes to move because it takes both physical and mental effort. We are looking for a suitable venue for the next few years. If you know of any great meeting places, please give Bob a call or e-mail at

Tom Oathout made an impassioned plea for a Club photo archive, perhaps in both digital and print form so everyone can have some of their successful images in it. But the key is not just to collect images, but also all of the details that went into creating that image. The resulting archive can be the source for print shows, instruction classes, or the often discussed but never really started BOOK. We all have good ideas, a few good images or both. Let Tom know your thoughts at print meetings.

Going along with the archive idea is the possibility of a print exchange exhibition with the Buenos Aires Camera Club. Heather Siple has been electronically corresponding with Francisco Pace who will be a WIEP judge next year. Heather is looking for a good venue and will work with Tom to collect our prints to ship to Argentina.

Herb Sargeant is coordinating awards plaque engraving. If you have an award plaque for which you had to pay for a nameplate or do not have a nameplate, contact Herb.

Assigned subjects for next year will be announced very soon. The slide and print chairpersons will present a diverse collection of topics for challenge and fun.

The latest PSA Camera Club Bulletin says that images captured or processed by chemistry methods and those done by electronic methods should compete on the same basis. The final image is all that matters.

The April print meeting was another fun night with terrific prints and good exchanges of artistic viewpoints. Our club now makes wonderful chemistry based prints and Epson digital prints. Sometimes it’s really tough to tell the difference between them. I saw many prints that made me whisper to myself, “Wow, I wish I could have done that.” Both judges looked for more than just high quality. The prints that did the best had extra zing in light, mood, composition, or concept.

Speaking of competitions, I have never felt that the entire idea is to win. In the club we like to show each other what we can do and also show our troubles in search of an answer. Ray Firmani never runs out of things to say about anyone’s pictures and we can all benefit from that. Now I don’t always agree with Ray, but I respect him highly for the knowledge he willingly gives. I urge all club members to use the people resources we have to improve our photographic efforts and have fun along the way.