May. 2000

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President's Message

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President's Message

Dr. Ernst Tomic

We had a good start in our new "domicile", the Alexis I. du Pont Middle School (AIMS). The Equipment Swap Shop, ably arranged by Jeff Smith, went off successfully and without problems in the cafeteria of that school. And so should the next event, Bill Drennen's Photo Essay Contest to be held in the auditorium of AIMS on May 1st starting at 7 p.m. I still hope that we shall be able to hold the May slide and print meetings at the Academy of Medicine.

April and May are the months during which the most essential steps for the transition from the current to the future club administration are taken. My friend, Bill Talarowski, who compiled the job description manual for all officers of the club, observed that it takes thirty-two people to run our club. According to our Constitution and our Bylaws, some of our officers are elected, but the majority of the jobs are filled by appointment. Irrespective of the mechanism, the slots have to be filled by club members who are willing to give of their time and exert an effort on behalf of our common good. Although it has been said, that "the same people are always doing all the work" I hope that we can disprove this platitude.

If, in the past, many of the senior members filled most of the positions, it is for two reasons. One, very seldom have our newer members asked "how can I help?" and two, it is also easier for the person saddled with the task of recruiting new officers to ask senior members whom he or she knows than to approach a newer member whose willingness to serve is not known. However, it is essential for an organization like ours that new blood is infused into the old veins. Only new ideas and fresh energy will keep our club from stagnation, keep it vibrant and stimulate growth, both in membership and in photographic skills.

I, therefore, urge all of you, especially those of you who have joined us in recent years, to come forward and offer your help in running our club. At the same time, I hope that our recruiters will approach our newer members. Let me assure you that none of the club offices demands extraordinary administrative skills, experience, technical or intellectual abilities, and that any kind of help with an assumed responsibility is readily available to you just for the asking.

Please contact me at 302-478-6392, Karl Leck at 610-388-0298, or Quent Whitmore at 610-566-9434 to offer your help.

Ernst A. Tomic