Mar 2003

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President's Message

Bob Coffey

John Hamilton, WIEP Chairman, has made several interesting and encouraging    observations about the 70th WIEP. There was a 50% increase in the number of entries by DPS members and this resulted in 75 acceptances versus 49 last year, a 53% jump. These statistics are proof that you can’t win if you don’t play. Six of our newest members won acceptances, two of whom even won medals. We applaud the members’ outstanding support of this annual tradition and congratulate those who got off to a great start in their first international competition.    

    The previously reported 25%increase in print participation is in keeping with reports from other camera clubs and this is attributed to more photographers using their computers and printers to generate digital prints. There are also more “virtual” competitions where digital images are submitted via the internet. Print Judge and invited speaker, Nicolás    Berlingieri, from Foto Club Buenos Aires gave us catalogs from two of their five such international     exhibits. Just think about it, no mailing costs to and from the  exhibit, no risk of loss or damage, no sorting into trays, etc. This certainly appears to be the way of the future. For the first time in our instruction night program last month, we presented a program on Photoshop using our new laptop computer and a borrowed digital projector. A total of 75 members attended, which is a record number. This underscores the high level of interest in things digital and we intend to plan the programs to suit the needs and interests of our members.

   Processing the WIEP entries, inputting the scoring data and generating about 30 special    reports, score cards and title cards for the prints were all greatly improved in ease, efficiency, accuracy, dependability and appearance thanks to the newly developed software program by Bill Sperry. Thanks also to all those who spent countless hours doing the many tasks required to put the show together. Fortunately, we had a second Sunday to serve as a snow date.

   In this issue you will find the slate of DPS officers submitted by the nominating committee. This is the first time that the positions will be held for a two year term, so the forthcoming election on March 31 will be a very important one. Thereafter, the officers will be recruiting new staff for myriad positions that are needed to make the DPS run well. Please volunteer or take your turn when you are approached to serve.  


- Bob Coffey