Mar. 2001

President's Message

Portrait of Lynn Troy Maniscalco

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President's Message

Karl Leck

Our Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography opened on February 18 to a nice crowd of knowledgeable and appreciative people. George Landis drove down from Connecticut to see his PSA Gold Medal winning monochrome print. George is a retired commercial photographer who photographed his cat with a Hasselblad equipped with a 150 mm lens with close-up lenses on it. He applied photo oil colors to the eyes to make them pop out of the picture. This was his first Best in Show medal. He also complimented us on having the nicest international exhibition he has seen.

I also talked with color print medal winner Marketa Ebert from Hyattsville, Maryland, who was very excited that her digitally printed creative images had done so well. Other exhibitors and visitors came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Maryland. It is a nice feeling to see the exhibition be well appreciated after the work of so many club members to prepare the pictures.

The slide show was one of the best yet. Gus Costis' organization of the slides with great music went so well that one viewer said she got 'goosebumps.' Thanks to Joe Bernofsky, Gus Costis and the slide team, Jeff Smith and helpers for prints, and Lynn Maniscalco and company for the photojournalism and stereo shows. The coordination of this circus and production of our catalog were well done by Bob and Sharon Coffey. Sandro Cuccia has updated our great website with this year's winners. Take a look at: Everyone did a fine, efficient job to produce the region's best annual photo show.

Another thing on the mind now is a possible new venue for next year. The A.I. DuPont Middle School has served well but has shown some shortcomings for our club meetings. A new possibility will be reviewed by the Executive Committee this spring. Stay tuned.

Tom Oathout told me how much he admired the wonderful ability of many of the Club's photographers. Our abilities were shown well on the hallway wall of DCC member prints at Arsht Hall. From Dave Cist's mood setting 1952 monochrome to Bill Talarowski's ultra sharp digitally enhanced seaside scene, we demonstrated an outstanding range of subject and technique. To preserve this knowledge for future members or even a larger audience, a collection of exceptional photographs needs to be organized along with detailed descriptions of the process from viewing the scene and considering light, filters, film, and lens choice all the way through darkroom or digital manipulation to final print. We continue to have the idea that a 'book of methods' could be produced that would help continue the knowledge, show great images, and perhaps produce some direct and indirect income for DCC. Please share your thoughts and possible contributions of photographs or help with Tom Oathout, Bill Talarowski, or myself.

Remember when a 'press camera' was a 4x5 Speed Graphic and flash bulb holder? Now a great camera can fit in your pocket, does not use film, but shows a picture instantly on an LCD screen. We can send a sharp, detailed image to anywhere in the world in an instant. The changes are at once exciting and dizzying. That darn computer stuff is invading everywhere as I heard again this weekend of DCC members 'finally getting one.' If you are interested, there are many club members who can offer help and experienced-based advice on how to negotiate the pitfalls.