Mar. 2000

(Photo by Bob Coffey)

President's Message

Portrait of Patsy Costis

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President's Message

Dr. Ernst Tomic

Thanks to all of you who devoted many hours of arduous work to the 67th WIEP. Our Salon was again an unequivocal success. Although Karl Leck, Bram Saad, Dianne Carnegie, Gus Costis, Bob and Sharon Coffey, Ken Williams, Lynn Maniscalco, Quent and Marj Whitmore, Jeff Smith, Gloria Coe, and Pat Dempsey were instrumental for all the arrangements and the smooth flow of the event, it took all of you, too numerous to mention by name, who freely gave of your time, to make this a successful exhibition.

Renovation of Clayton Hall and the relocation of the 67th WIEP to Arsht Hall became an unexpected boon for our Club. Many more people attended the print exhibition as well as the slide shows. The central location of Arsht hall, its easy access from I-95, ample parking, and hundreds of members of the Academy of Lifelong Learning who viewed the prints between classes were advantages that we gained by relocating.

I also had numerous inquiries about our Club from members of the Academy who now are acquainted with the International and with our Club. I hope that some of these inquiries will result in membership applications. I also thank all of you who suggested alternatives to the Academy of Medicine as venue for our club meetings. The Executive Committee appointed Bram Saad, Fred Seyfert and me to follow up on these suggestions. At all locations that we reviewed, compromises would have to be made. In a few cases cost advantages could be gained over our present location. After deleting the less desirable alternatives, Charis House (off Rt. 52), Ingleside Apartments (Franklin St.), Brandywine Community Town Center (Concord Pike and Naamans Rd), and Alexis I. DuPont Middle School (AIMS) on Pennsylvania Ave. were left for closer consideration. Of these AIMS affords advantages in convenience, cost, parking, and scheduling over others. I therefore submitted an application for holding our meetings in the auditorium of that school during the 2000/2001 club year. This application must first be approved by the principal of AIMS, and then by the School Board. I shall keep you informed about all further developments.

Ernst A. Tomic