June 1999

(Photo by Bob Coffey)

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President's Message

Dr. Ernst Tomic

Thanks to all of you, especially to you dedicated officers of our club, for making our 98/99 club year a very good one, indeed. Thanks to Patsy Costis and Ardis Williams, to Bill Drennen, to Kathy Tyrell and Ray Magnani, we enjoyed participating in your slide, print and essay competitions. We attended excellent lectures thanks to JoAnn Seyfert who procured the speakers. And we had fun on our field trips and learned in our workshops thanks to Ray Firmani and Bill Talarowski who excelled in their responsibilities. We enjoyed our social affairs - thank you, Marge Whitmore, for arranging them! Her Sargeant's mentoring program provided newcomers with contacts and information to more fully enjoy our activities. Charles Shambelan and his team put us on the international stage with a well run 66th WIEP and Marian Sargeant presented it to the local audience. Bob and Sharon Coffey continued to publish an award winning newsletter and an outstanding WIEP catalog. Dave Hutton kept our finances in impeccable order. Ken Williams handled publicity to our great advantage and Lynn Maniscalco served not only as liaison with the DCCC and with PSA but also as an invaluable resource for information and contacts with people here and abroad. Many others, too many to give credit to individually, have freely given of their time and knowledge to enhance the pleasure we all derive from participating in our club.

As a club we can be proud of our accomplishments of the past year. Some of these have particular significance:

  1. The Dempsey Matching Grant Campaign was an unequivocal success. We matched and surpassed the generous Dempsey donation. This put the club on a much sounder financial position and allowed us to continue to use the Academy of Medicine as the primary club venue.
  2. We finally passed the first dues increase in many years. This will help us to maintain the status quo which we achieved as a result of the Dempsey Grant.
  3. The Drennen-Marsh-Talarowski team streamlined our club's antiquated constitution and bylaws.
  4. We upgraded the outdated computer program that documents the Wilmington International.
  5. We upgraded the club computer's hardware and software so that electronic data transfer from the WIEP to the catalog editor is now feasible. Even digital manipulation of images is now possible on our club's computer for initial experiments by our members.
  6. We established a policy according to which The Delaware Photographic Society will not engage in any photographic project for others, be it compensated for in any form or be it entirely pro bono. While this applies to the club as an organization, individual club members, of course, free to do as they please.

Now let us look toward the next millennium. We are fortunate that many officers have agreed to serve another term thus insuring continuity. To comply with with your wishes we have scheduled nine slide and nine print competitions in the 1999/2000 club year. In these we should take to heart comments that some of our judges made: "In general, DCC images are technically superior, but lack innovation and creativity and a willingness to experiment." Some of us took a few, albeit hesitant, steps towards entering innovative and non-traditional images as a result of this admission. Please keep "innovation," "creativity," and "experimentation" in mind when you shoot entries for the assigned and open subjects for the coming season! After all the DCC must not be left behind in the 20th century while others enter the twenty-first!

For those of you who asked for more instructions, beginning in September, Ray Firmani will present and coordinate a nine-session course in salient aspects of photography. It may behoove newcomers as well as advanced photographers to take advantage of this opportunity and to avail themselves of the knowledge and experience that Ray and his guest instructors have to offer. The price is right, too - free for members!

Have a photographically productive and enjoyable summer!

Ernst A. Tomic