Jan. 2003

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President's Message

Bob Coffey

It‚s WIEP season now, the 70th salon presented by your Society. We believe that it is the oldest such exhibition continuously sanctioned by the PSA, and it has attained a high level of respect and prestige worldwide. One reason is the Associates/Fellows designation that we award for various levels of acceptances over the years. Keeping records of an individual‚s lifetime acceptances is a challenge met with our computer program.

For many years we have used computers for the myriad tasks inherent in this annual event. Our old DOS based program had become very problematic due to its age and our changing needs. Last summer, one of our members, Bill Sperry, began rewriting this complicated program in a current application that provides greater reliability and flexibility. It was an awesome task that required both time and expertise. It looks great and we are most grateful for his enormous contribution.

I've often likened the WIEP to the tip of an iceberg, since what is visible during the exhibit, is the result of a vast amount of behind-the-scenes effort. For our newer members, I urge you to participate in this noble endeavor as it is a great way to see world class images up close and personal, to meet renown judges, and to get to know your colleagues. See WIEP Chairman, John Hamilton, and ask how you can help. Note that your donation as a Patron is now deductible due to our new tax status.

At our recent Board of Directors meeting, two new open committees were formed: (1) Development, to identify sources of grants and contributions, and (2) Exploratory, to nominate new projects for using these funds. This is paramount to our future and volunteers are needed. Please contact Todd Flubacher, Development Committee Chair, at 302-832-0526 or Jeff Smith, Exploratory Committee Chair, at 302-368-1089 to become involved.

- Bob Coffey