Jan. 2000

(Photo by Bob Coffey)

President's Message

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President's Message

Dr. Ernst Tomic

HELP WANTED with unpacking, sorting, labeling and recording entries for the 67th Wilmington Exhibition of Photography. No prior experience needed. On the job training. Compensations: camaraderie, fun and an unprecedented preview of entries, including the ones you would otherwise not see.

Last year we received packages from 40 countries. These contained 2000 slides and 1300 prints. We expect at least as many titles again in the current year. All processing has to be completed by mid January. As you can imagine, we welcome all the help you can give our club with this annual task. Please call Joe Bernofsky at 302-478-4752, Dianne Carnegie at 410-398-2397, or Ken Williams at 610- 274-8336 if you are willing to help. We plan to process all entries on Wednesdays and Saturdays in two shifts, 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 to 3 p.m. at Irv Klair's home, 2001 Old Limestone Rd., Wilmington. Call Irv at 302-998-8055 for directions.

WE ALSO NEED HELP WITH setting up for judging at Cokesbury Village and Coffee Run, Lancaster Pike at Loveville Rd. on Friday January 21st and with judging at Cokesbury Village on Saturday, January 22. Please call Karl Leck at 610-388-0298, Bram Saad at 302-998-3218, or Dianne, Ken, or Lynn Maniscalco at 302-478-6423 for details on setting up and judging.

ENTRIES WANTED I encourage you (this includes all you newcomers too!) to enter your best slides and prints into our 67th salon. Entry forms are available from Karl Leck (kjleck@motivaenterprises.com, 610-388-0298 or at the slide meeting on January 10. If you have access to the Internet, you can download the entry form from our website: Key in http://www.delawarecamera club.org then click on WIEP, then on ENTRYFORMS and then proceed according to the instructions. To read or print detailed information on conditions of entry, click on WIEP then scroll down to

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF ENTRY. Below is a brief summary of these conditions. You may enter four pictorial "Color Slides" plus four "Photojournalism" slides. The entry fee is $6 for each set of four slides. You may, in addition, enter four prints in each of the three categories: Color, Monochrome, and PJ. In the Color Print category you must choose to enter either commercially produced prints ("Class C") or prints that you made yourself ("Class A"). You may not enter both. Commercial prints must be no larger than 8x12 inches, mount included. The Class A prints (prints you made yourself} must be no larger than 16x20 inches, mount included. The entry fee is $7 for any set of four prints, Class A or Class C.

I invite you, no, I urge you, to enter your best slides and prints in the appropriate categories. Not only do you do the club a favor by making the exhibition more profitable you will get a feeling of accomplishment from competing internationally. If you score even a single acceptance, you are on your way to become a "Associate of the Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography". Ten acceptances in a ten year period are needed for that honor. As an Associate you may add AWIEP to your name, a suffix treasured highly among amateur and professionals photographers alike, particularly in the orient. All you have to lose is six or seven dollars if not a single slide or print is accepted!

Ernst A. Tomic