Feb. 2002

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President's Message

Bob Coffey

The tradition continues as the 69th WIEP is taking shape. Despite a downward trend in participation in salons across the country that has been exacerbated in the aftermath of September 11th, our Salon has held its own in the prints submitted while the slides are only 15% behind last year. This is a testament to the excellent reputation that has been established over seven decades.

Perhaps the biggest attraction is our special recognition to those who accumulate acceptances. Ten acceptances over a ten year period earns the distinction of Associate. An additional 10 acceptances moves to Senior Associate level. Associates with 50 acceptances are named Fellows of the exhibition and 100 acceptances earns the distinguished status of Senior Fellow.

Maintaining accurate records for every entrant through the years is a demanding task for our computer program and those who input the data. But that is just one of many operations involved in our annual production. Planning for the next WIEP begins immediately when the entry forms for the following year must be revised, printed and included with the catalogs that are sent to each participant when their slides and prints are returned. Authorization must be requested from PSA along with medals. Nine judges must be selected and invited over a year in advance so their names can be published in the entry form.

The logistics of carefully and accurately processing, transporting, handling, judging, presenting and returning all entries is an awesome responsibility that involves countless hours of effort by dozens of dedicated people performing myriad tasks.
All this activity helps build the camaraderie that bonds the members of our Society. I am always impressed with the energy and enthusiastic cooperation that our members demonstrate year after year. Each of you should feel proud of your contribution to this fine tradition. I look forward to seeing you at the presentations at Arsht Hall on February 17 and 24.

- Bob Coffey