Dec. 2001

President's Message

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President's Message

Bob Coffey

For those of you who missed our big vote on Slide Night and who are not on-line, the votes cast were overwhelmingly in favor of changing the name of the Club. The count was 51 to 4 after considerable discussion of the pros and cons of such a move. This ratio greatly exceeded the required two-thirds majority of a quorum of the Club membership, thanks to a large turnout. This is a very strong endorsement from the Club membership that the change is the proper move and the participating members are to be commended for their interest in the future of our organization.

Making the change official will require modification of the Certificate of Incorporation and this step should be underway very soon. You will be kept fully apprised in this column.

Due to the popularity of the new category, “Creative Abstracts”, in the Print Competition, it was decided at the last Slide Night to introduce its counterpart for slide competition. Slide Director, Jane Strobach, suggested this option since there has been some difficulty in selecting the most creative slide of all entries. After discussion, an agreement was reached to include one entry in a new category, called “Creative”, beginning in December.

Cumulative scores for the year will begin with next Slide Night. Any member is eligible to enter the new category, regardless of their assigned class. So feel free to submit your entry in this expanded competition.

There was a good turnout for the field trip to Atlantic City on a beautiful Fall day. This was the second outing organized this year by Val Donor. Marj Whitmore’s weekend trip to W. VA last month had a great turnout and she is planning another excursion to the Outer Banks in North Carolina next April. We are indebted to these two ladies for their fine efforts in planning these events that are so enjoyable for our members. Many thanks Val and Marj.

As a result of the appeal in this column last month, John Hamilton, Chairman of the 69th WIEP, has filled an important position, Exhibition Print Chairman. Jim Jones has stepped up to the plate.

Attendance of the first two Instruction Night programs was so high that we were pressed for space in Classroom #27. Therefore, future Instruction Night programs will be held in our regular meeting room, the Brunner Chapel. The popularity of this program has clearly demonstrated a high level of interest in learning more about photography and we intend to provide it to our members.

- Bob Coffey