Dec. 2000

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President's Message

Karl Leck

We had a few minor difficulties at our new meeting venue of A.I. DuPont Middle School. We don't have the school to ourselves on meeting nights but share the facility with other groups. As a result, we keep an eye on our snacks due to nearby hungry basketball players. We moved this month's print competition meeting into the Library. The Library seemed to be a more friendly, intimate place that adequately accommodated everyone but was a lot farther to carry the equipment. Anyone who can come a few minutes early or stay a while later to help set up and take down equipment will be appreciated. Overall, the school has worked well so far.

The print competition this month showed a maturing, unique result in ink jet printing, particularly from one of our master printers, Bill Talarowski. His large prints were the sharpest of any entered. His prints did a competitive pas de deux with Mark Friedman's Ilfochromes that were so deeply saturated in color. Note that 2 prints from each photographer made up the 4 first place winners in Salon. The rest of us looked on in admiration.

The Executive Committee will meet at the Concord Pike Library on Wednesday, November 29, at 7 p.m. The primary discussion will be plans and activities for the 2001 Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (WIEP). All club members are welcome to attend.

The photo course meeting on Monday, December 4, at 7 p.m. at the Concord Pike Library promises to be a lot of fun. Our esteemed panel will accept all challenging photo questions and provide useful answers. For those who listen to Cartalk on NPR on Saturday morning, you can get an idea of experts who love what they do (and a few other things, too). Bring your puzzlements, confusing instructions, print problems, old cameras, color slides of over exposures, digital illusions, and photographic relationship misfortunes. I'll be in charge of minimizing the havoc and limiting the time of soapbox orations while providing maximum information exchange in a friendly atmosphere.

Mom and I visited the Kennett Square Senior Center last week. They have a nice, spacious, flexible facility for a huge variety of activities. All of which has come about in the past 20-30 years. I keep thinking that DCC could do so much more with a place of its own. That's a lot of dollars and time away, but others have done it. We need to keep it in mind.

I wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season. May all your film and CCD's yield beautiful images, particularly of Festive Doors for the February assigned subject.