Apr. 2000

(Photo by Bob Coffey)

President's Message

Portrait of JoAmm Seyfert

Article: Images of Egypt

Article: Using the Fundamentals

President's Message

Dr. Ernst Tomic

I am pleased to report that we have met yet another challenge. We were able to reserve the auditorium of the Alexis I. du Pont Middle School ("AIMS") in lieu of the Academy of Medicine's facilities for the 2000/2001-club year. Therefore, we plan to hold all of our slide and print competitions and all our program meetings in the AIMS auditorium on the customary second, third and last Monday of each month. Our September 25, Covered Dish Supper will be held at the school's cafeteria. Also, we were granted permission to bring our steel storage cabinet with us. The incoming officers will need to make the necessary further arrangements for placement.

For the remainder of current club year, we are proceeding on the assumption that we will be able to use the Academy for our slide, print and speakers meetings. Only if renovation of the Academy's facilities commences at any time during the next two months - and we were promised "adequate" notice to that effect - we plan to use AIMS for these last meetings as well.

AIMS is conveniently located at 3130 Kennett Pike, between the intersections of Kennett Pike with Rising Sun Lane and with Route 100, respectively. There is a sizeable Park and Ride parking lot located diagonally across the street from AIMS; enter it from DuPont Road. A traffic light at DuPont Road and a pedestrian-activated traffic light directly across from the school's entrance facilitate easy crossing of Kennett Pike. Also, you may find parking along the Pike rather convenient. By contrast, I have never found an empty spot in the school's small parking lot.

Ernst A. Tomic