2017 Print of the Year

Print of the year honors are awarded for images adjudicated as the best of all the prints submitted during the competitive season. During the year, monthly "Print" competitions select the top 30% of images with the highest scores. These images are considered "Selected Images" and are eligible for the annual competition.

Print of the Year

Donna Haldas



Even before I picked up a camera, I have been fascinated with repetition. Seeing these images gives me a sense of continuity and comfort that there is always more to come. Repetition is found everywhere - on the streets of a busy city or in beautiful estate gardens. We celebrate Christmas with repetitive patterns of lights in strings across the fence. Our friends take their places in neatly arranged lines of chairs on the lawn to witness a ceremony of love, or gather to pay respects in cemeteries organized with lines of headstones. In preparing this entry, I felt the quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe best fit my presentation: “There is repetition everywhere, and nothing is found only once in the world.” This was my first entry as member of DPS and I look forward to seeing the amazing talent of other members and learning from them to improve my photography skills. - Donna Haldas