2017 Print of the Year

Print of the year honors are awarded for images adjudicated as the best of all the prints submitted during the competitive season. During the year, monthly "Print" competitions select the top 30% of images with the highest scores. These images are considered "Selected Images" and are eligible for the annual competition.

Print of the Year

Karl Leck

"Bolivian Church"


In January, several DPS members went on a ‘field trip’ to South America as you have seen in MARGARET HENNES’ feature article in the May Reflector. In a small tourist town in Bolivia, we were wandering around looking for a restaurant for lunch when my attention was grabbed by a classic South American church. I took some color photos but was really impressed by the lines and tones of the adobe. Using a Sony NEX-7 24 MP mirrorless camera that had been converted to shoot infrared, I made several images but didn’t like the high contrast in the scene. I switched the exposure mode to HDR set for a 6 f-stop bracket which is combined in-camera. The resulting file reduced the contrast significantly. Back home I dodged some shadow areas, straightened vertical lines because it is an architecture shot, and printed it on Red River Polar Pearl Metallic paper. The paper beautifully showed the contrast from deep black to clean white while preserving the subtle tonality and fine detail in the image. While I lost contact with my friends for awhile, I managed to find them before lunch was over. I’m really pleased with the print as a classic full tonality black & white, or as I’m fond of saying ‘real photography’ before color confused our vision.