2018 Photo Show Competition Award Winning Entries

The Photo Show competition is held in April each year with three entry categories:

  1. Print Category: A storyboard of images.
  2. Photo Show Class 1: Short sequences of not more than 10 images plus a title slide without sound.
  3. Photo Show Class 2: Sequence of any number of images, captions, and sound up to five minutes in length.

Print Category - First Place

Judith Lesnaw, "To Be a Bee"

Print Category First Place

I am a Backyard Bee Whisperer. They pose for me and I photograph them with a Canon 80D and 100mm macro lens. The Bee at the top is Harry. Middle row: One day I spied a large bee with a white patch on his face, belly up, on the ground. As I peered at him his antennae swayed as if to let me know he was alive. I lifted him up into a blossom-laden basil plant. As he smiled at me a second bee flew over. The two of them locked "arms" and began to dance round and round jubilantly.

As I clicked away with my camera, a third bee joined in the merriment. Wearied by his adventure and frolicking, the first Bee took a time out while his brothers danced and shook the last of the pollen from their hair. Last Row: This hungry Bee burrowed deep into a hollyhock blossom in apparent ecstasy.

~ Judith Lesnaw

Photo Show - Class 1 - First Place

Gary Altoonian, "United States Air Force: Flying High into the Sky"

In August 2017 at Ray Firmani’s suggestion, I went to the Dover Air Force Base Air Show instead of another that was closer to home. He was right! Everything was perfect the day I was at the air show – the weather was perfect and there was a beautiful backdrop of clouds that accented all of the images I captured that day. Many have asked me if I was airborne while capturing my images, and of course, the answer was no. The pilots flew under 100 feet off the deck for many of their maneuvers to make it appear to the audience as if they were up in the clouds. These are 10 of the best shots from the day. Being a Navy Veteran, I always feel an immense level of pride when I see a show like this, regardless of the branch of service. I know that if needed, we have the greatest Military in the World made up of men and women who have always and will always put their lives on the line to preserve not only our freedom and security, but that of the rest of the world. I am honored for my show being selected for first place. It was an even greater honor to present this show, not just for the quality of the photos, but to show the highly skilled pilots, ground crews and other support staff that made this air show possible and keep us ready to respond to any threat in the world. Go Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard!

~ Gary Altoonian

Photo Show - Class 2 - First Place

David Osberg, "The Wonder of Alert Dogs"

This photo show is about service dogs that alert their recipient in advance of an oncoming seizure, cardiac, diabetes or other health episode and how these dogs make a huge positive impact on the quality of life of people with certain types of serious health issues. Canine Partners for Life, a service dog training organization in Cochranville, PA, and the service dog recipients included in this show all embraced the idea of educating people about what these amazing dogs can do through my show. Another of my service dog-related photo shows, “Team Training”, that I made a couple of years ago can be found on my website www.daveosberg.smugmug.com in the Competition Photo Shows gallery. For more information on Canine Partners for Life you can visit www.k94life.org and for a trailer and information on how to view the award-winning documentary mentioned in my show you can visit www.adeleandeverythingafter.com.

~Dave Osberg