2017 Photo Show Competition Award Winning Entries

The Photo Show competition is held in April each year with three entry categories:

  1. Print Category: A storyboard of images.
  2. Photo Show Class 1: Short sequences of not more than 10 images plus a title slide without sound.
  3. Photo Show Class 2: Sequence of any number of images, captions, and sound up to five minutes in length.

Print Category - First Place

Donna Haldas - "Repetitions"

Print Category First Place

Even before I picked up a camera, I have been fascinated with repetition. Seeing these images gives me a sense of continuity and comfort that there is always more to come. Repetition is found everywhere - on the streets of a busy city or in beautiful estate gardens. We celebrate Christmas with repetitive patterns of lights in strings across the fence. Our friends take their places in neatly arranged lines of chairs on the lawn to witness a ceremony of love, or gather to pay respects in cemeteries organized with lines of headstones. In preparing this entry, I felt the quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe best fit my presentation: “There is repetition everywhere, and nothing is found only once in the world.” This was my first entry as member of DPS and I look forward to seeing the amazing talent of other members and learning from them to improve my photography skills.

~ Donna Haldas

Photo Show - Class 1 - First Place

Dave Osberg - "Wipeout"

In 2016 I attended a motorcycle racing event at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ with my friend and fellow DPS member Fred Cullis. By chance a rider lost control on an “S” curve right in front of me, and both the rider and the motorcycle flipped over several times. I was fortunate to catch some sharp shots of the tumble and the rider was fortunate to walk away from this accident with only a bruised ego and a little mud on his bike.

~ Dave Osberg

Photo Show - Class 2 - First Place

Dave Osberg - "Still Standing"

In 2013 I went to the CM Ranch near Dubois and the badlands of Wyoming for a photography workshop with my friend and fellow DPS member Gary Bryde. We both photographed ranch activity and rode horses for a week. Late in the week at a barbeque in a beautiful mountain location a ranch hand named Anna Stockdale sang a lovely song which she had written called “Still Standing”. I asked her if I could use the music in a future photo show and she agreed. Anna has since graduated from Texas A&M, is now married and is living in Texas. The last time I communicated with her, her dream of a career in music was on hold, but she has recorded four songs that she wrote and performed. All four are available for purchase at http://annastockdale.bandcamp.com. The song “Still Standing” is about the life stories of three cowboys that she knows. The first verse is actually the life story Denny, a ranch hand at the CM Ranch, and I had a lot of photos of Denny and had gotten to know him over the week. So I used photos of Denny that told his life story of leaving home and starting a life of his own out West. I used photos of two other cowboys from the CM Ranch, but the life stories that Anna wrote were not theirs. Johnny, the second cowboy in my show, heads the team of wranglers at CM Ranch and Hunter, the third cowboy, runs the ranch along with his wife, Mollie. Anna, Denny, Johnny, Hunter and Mollie all enjoy the show. This photo show won the Gold Medal in the monochrome category in the 2016 Photographic Society of America’s annual Projected Image Division photo show competition. If you wish to see a full screen version of the photo show (or any of my other competition photo shows) on an iPad or computer you can find it in the Competition Photo Shows gallery on my website at daveosberg.smugmug.com. To play it full screen you will need to hit the diagonal arrow on the far right side of the “play line” when the mouse arrow is inside the movie immediately after you have hit the “play button”.

~Dave Osberg