Competition Highlights


October 2018

In this issue, MARGARET HENNES shares with us her and three DPS members’ photography expedition to Alaska’s Inside Passage. Read about their week-long trip aboard the “Northern Song”of Alaska Sea Adventuresand enjoy images showing their diverse photography adventure.

At the Education Night on October 1, JANE STROBACH will give tips to help those who are hesitant about doing Street Photography become more confident. See page 4.

Our first guest speaker of the season, JONATHAN AUCH, will be joining us on October 22 at 7:30. His presentation “Street Photography”is free and open to the public. Details are on page 4.

TOM LOVATT has a field trip to Chanticleer, one of the nation’s best botanical gardens. Specifics can be found on page 5.

Meet our Members, ESTHER STEFFENS and DAVID T. SHOEMAKER. Their bios and photographic styles can be seen on pages 8-9.

DAVID T. SHOEMAKER takes over as Photo Show Chairand details the changes and rules of the upcoming 2019 Photo Show. Information can be found on pages 16-18.

CYNTHIA LEE volunteered to be the photographer at the 2018 Air Race Classic and shares her experience. She “marries” her two passions photography and flying. Read her story and enjoy her images on page 20.

Other Highlights in this issue of The Reflector:

Member News, PSA Updates, RAY FIRMANI’s Image Critique, BOB MCCAFFREY is back with some photography tips in “A Bit About Exposure.” And enjoy some images from the DPS Kick-Off event.

~ Theresa Yanick, Editor, The Reflector

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